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Let's rise against dementia!

15 June is Cupcake Day in association with woman&home. Whether you’re a baking pro or a shop bought lover, organise a Cupcake Day and raise money to support the fight against dementia.

paul hollywood with a cupcake

Recipe for Cupcake Day

Ingredients: You (the host with the most), and a heap of cake lovers and generous donors


  1. Sign up to host a Cupcake Day and receive your free Cupcake Fundraising Kit by post
  2. Ask everyone to save the date: 15 June (or any other day if you’re already busy then)
  3. Decide where to host your day: at home, at work, up a mountain…the choice is yours
  4. Start baking and/or get your friends baking for you (or buy cupcakes from the shop – yes, it’s allowed!)
  5. Encourage everyone to donate as much as possible

Serves: thousands of people affected by dementia

What’s in your Fundraising Kit:

  • A donation box (for the all-important ‘dough’) and Gift Aid form
  • Posters to help you spread the word
  • Cake toppers and decorations
  • Fundraising ideas and fun games to play on the day
  • A Cupcake Day selfie-frame to help you share your creations on social media
  • Lipsmackingly fab recipes from our friends at woman&home

You can also download extra materials on our downloads page.

cupcake kit

Icing. Lots of sprinkles. And a big helping of hope for people affected by dementia

Dementia is the number one cause of death in England and Wales. It doesn’t discriminate and currently there’s no cure. With your help, we aim to change this.

Last year, dedicated Cupcakers around the country united to raise a mighty £330,000 against dementia. That’s more than enough to fund 11 PhD researchers for a year, giving them the opportunity to undertake vital, potentially lifesaving work.

This year we want to raise even more. By joining together for Cupcake Day 2017, you’ll not only be helping to create a better world for people affected by dementia today, but also to find a cure for tomorrow.

everything on a cupcake


would pay for five people with dementia to attend a Singing for the Brain session – a fun activity that enhances wellbeing and connection through music.


would pay for one of our National Dementia Helpline Advisors to provide 10 hours of crucial support to people affected by dementia.


would pay for a Doctoral Training Centre to run for one day, helping up to eight PhD researchers to carry out ground breaking study in dementia research.