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Busy on Cupcake Day?

Diary double booked all year? Baking not your bag? Don’t worry, there are still lots of ways you can support Alzheimer’s Society. Make a donation today and you can be part of Cupcake Day in your own way.

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could pay for a person with dementia to attend one of our Dementia Cafés for a month, where they can share stories and advice with others.

could enable our National Dementia Helpline Advisers to answer four calls from people who are concerned about dementia

could pay to conduct a survey to help us learn more about how we could make life easier for people affected by dementia.

Any amount you can spare supports people to live well with dementia today and funds research to find a cure for tomorrow.

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We’d love to stay in touch with news on future Cupcake Days and everything we’re doing to lead the fight against dementia; from fundraising, campaigning, services and research to volunteering. We may also contact you to ask for feedback about your experience.

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